Sarah Noele Photography - Hot Air Balloon

Sarah Noele Photography - Hot Air Balloon

Painting from the 10 mintute painting series!


50% of sales go directly to the photographer! 


-Acrylic painting, 5.5 x 8.5 quality paper. 


**These paintings are all made to order, so they could vary slightly, but that only means they are 100% unique & made custom for you! **


About Sarah Noele Photography 

I'm so happy you're here, exploring a little piece of my world. My name is Sarah + I have a passion for capturing some of life's most beautiful moments and turning them into something you can cherish forever. I'm based in CT but highly encourage travel.


If you’re here because you’re in search of a photographer who will bring your vision to life, one who you work well with + who will help you feel comfortable while you’re in front of the camera, you’ve come to the right place! I specialize in all of the above, and I make it my mission to guide our time together in a way that works for YOU. You’re unique and you deserve a photographer who gets you. And don't get me wrong, I love some corny posing, but I want to capture real, authentic emotion so that when you open your email and see your photos for the first time, you FEEL something, and I think that comes from candid moments that you just can't pose. 


And if you’re here just browsing around, I appreciate you! I hope you find yourself inspired to capture more of the moments in your life. What started out as a fun way to connect with new people and express my visions + style, quickly became something so much bigger. I wanted to bring those feelings and experiences to you, because they’re too good not to share.


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