Hattie Mae Photo - Mountains

Hattie Mae Photo - Mountains

50% of sales go directly to the photographer! 


-Acrylic painting, 5.5 x 8.5 quality paper. 


**These paintings are all made to order, so they could vary slightly, but that only means they are 100% unique & made custom for you! **


Alittle bit about @hattiemaephoto


Some of the moments in my own life I love to capture are the ones spent with my dog, Pippa. She is the light of my life and my copilot to the frequent adventures we embark on all over New England. I love exploring somewhere new; seeing the way the sunlight spills through the trees in just the right way or how the rain leaves perfect droplets on leaves after a heavy rainstorm is everything to me. The smell of fresh flowers in the breeze is better than any candle I’ve ever burned, and I’ve never met a mountain I didn’t like.

On the days too hectic to get some altitude therapy, it’s Starbucks and alternative music with lyrics that actually mean something that get me through—not to mention my unhealthy obsession with macarons. We all have our vices, mine just happens to be sugar-filled and bite-sized. Pair that up with some fuzzy socks and a good mug of tea, I am a happy camper. Even on these days, I am always looking for the next joyful memory, the next great moment to happen. Let me photograph yours!




Find her at https://hattiemaephotography.com/ !