Compass Collective - Canon

Compass Collective - Canon

50% of sales go directly to the photographer! 


-Acrylic painting, 5.5 x 8.5 quality paper. 


**These paintings are all made to order, so they could vary slightly, but that only means they are 100% unique & made custom for you! **


Alittle bit about @compasscoll 


"i want to hike mountains with you, cry behind the camera when you say "i do", and then reminisce about your big day together for eternity.

i want to be the best dang third wheel you've ever had. 

i recently spent six months driving cross-country and two months hopping the hawaiian islands – exploring all of the hidden gems, scouting new locations, and surrounding myself with like-minded adventurers

because i become alive in the outdoors

and because i LOVE love. i strongly believe that it’s one of the highest frequencies and that it becomes even more amplified in the presence of nature.

if incorporating the outdoors into your marriage celebration is a must for you and your babe because it’s shaped who you’ve become… "


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