Top 10 Best Elopement Locations In the United States: Oceanside Edition

As elopements are on the rise for 2021 and what seems to be a forever trend in the world of events, many couples are set on eloping, but the main question is "where to?" In the hopes of making that question answerable for you, I have created a guide with some of the best elopement locations in the US. In this blog, I will be covering the top ten locations all involving beautiful beaches, waves, and that amazing ocean feel. With that said, let's pack our bathing suits & dive right in....

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10. Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island is what many in the country might can a hidden jem. For example, even locals of RI never ventured on the ferry to the secluded treasure of the coast. It is about a 45 minute trip from the port in Narragansett, depending on if you take the fast or traditional ferry, but on a nice day, it's a pleasant boat ride. Once you arrive to the island you are surrounded by breathtaking views with plenty of sights to see. If you are into lighthouses there are two on the island. If eating around town in more your speed, there are plenty of restaurants to check out. It is a rather small island, so it is perfect for those looking to get out of the hustle & bustle of normal life, this is a great choice. Only downfall, is on a poor weather day, it can be difficult to get on and off island.

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9. Fort Wetherill, Rhode Island

Fort Wetherill is the definition of a hidden gem, and when you get there you will know exactly what I mean. There are two areas to go to when you first get there; there is the main park & the "scuba area." The scuba area has a lot to offer in a cliff side, and is a little bit easier to access in the hiking department. If you wish to go that route, there are some great pull offs on the road to discover entrances down to the cliffs. I suggest you take a day & go check them out so you can figure out what you like the best. On of the coves also has a pebble beach which is great for picnics & little outings! (Pictures for example)

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If you are in the Rhode Island Area, these are great spots the you can check out & get some amazing photos! If you have any questions about specific areas there, please reach out to us at & we are happy to help!

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8. Little Palm Island, Little Torch Key, Florida

One thing that you will find about Florida beaches, is that many lack the cliff sides people like in photos. This amazing spot I found in my research is an island oasis right on the Florida Keys. The island itself is called Little Palm Island, and is home to a tropical boutique resort. The main focus of the resort is detaching from normal day to day, and relaxing. They are able to influence this mindset, by being a non-technology based resort. There are no TVs or telephones in the rooms, and it allows you to focus on pure relaxation. To get to the resort, you arrive by boat, greet you with a special cocktail, and escort you to your signature suite. In their many offerings they highlight scuba excursions, and great activities to make the most out of your visit.. Also the spa.... WOW.

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7. La Jolla, San Diego, California

This location is absolutely beautiful for a couple looking for all the beauty that San Diego has to offer. I remember being back there a couple years ago and being amazed by the cliffs on the coastline. If you are looking for a natural, wonderful location on the coastline within distance from cute hotels, airbnbs, and shopping this is the spot for you! Also, the palm trees... YES. Check out for some epic pics while you are there!

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6. Acadia National Park, Maine

Like me in highschool, Acadia National Park is sooo under-rated for being such a gem on the East Coast. This is perfect for the adventurous couple looking for a location on the East Coast that offers hiking mountains, oceanside cliffs, and camping styled lodging. Acadia itself is far from a main city, so I recommend this location for someone looking for somewhere that is off the grid.

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5. Laguna Beach, California

I am gonna pretend like you are going to read this even though I know all you are going to do it stare at the picture for HOURS. Laguna Beach is a great location for couples looking for the true California Style. It is by many locations for shopping, dining, and makes a great location for an elopement/ honeymoon combo. Check this spot out!!




4. Literally All of, Hawaii

I mean, speechless right? Need I say more? Hawaii is a destination where you can't find many bad locations to have a photoshoot. The beauty that this island has to offer, Kauai specifically is an amazing location for any and all elopements. Kinda want to marry my husband again & go to Hawaii this time!

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3. Big Sur, California

Big Sur is known to be an amazing locations for all things photoshoots, so like many of the other locations.. you may be met with tons of crowds. Beautiful California energy, and calming sounds of the surf will be guests at your ceremony. Perfect place for you to enjoy a picnic with you & your love. Did we mention we style small picnics for our clients? Hint hint... (:

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2. Cannon Beach, Oregon

This pic is taken by my BFF based in Oregon, and I thought it would be amazing to highlight for this blog. Oregon coastline has ENDLESS potential, and Cannon Beach is an amazing location for you & your love to celebrate together. Oh, and if you are looking for a photographer or planner... we are available.. & !

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1. Samuel H Boardman, Oregon

This location speaks for itself, and while it can be a trek to get to if you are visiting Portland, it is a must see! The cliffs at this location are otherworldly- and would make for a perfect elopement location, or even just for a couples photoshoot! The title of the blog lists these locations as "elopement location," but they are also amazing all on their own & I encourage all of you to go & see the beauty here in the US!