How to Make the Most out of Your Event Budget: Underwater Centerpieces

Let's talk centerpieces!

Okay so first step - Get all of your supplies together.



Glass Lantern ( I scored this one at Walmart for $4!!)

Flowers - I picked a spring inspired mix of magentas & coral

Decor- I picked some votives & candles


Fishing Wire

Fish Weights (TIP: the heavier flower you pick, the heavier weight you need)


Rocks or Sand for base of lantern

Check out this before picture!


- Cut different sizes of fishing line

- Tie one end to the flower ( TIP: try to secure the line into the folds of the floral stem to assure it is on there to stay)

- Tie the other end to the weight

-Repeat until all of your flowers are secure to the weights

-Add water to your vase/glass lantern halfway

- Start dropping the flowers in & when you place them under the water, shake them slightly to remove air bubbles from the flower to assure it sinks.

- Move the flowers around in the arrangement to a location you like.

- Add your rocks to cover the weights at the bottom.

-Decorate your centerpiece however your heart desires! I chose different types of votives, candles, and candle sticks.

Check out some awesome pictures of the finished product!

Looking for more information on how to take your event to the next level on a limited budget? Let's chat!

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