DIY Guide for Holiday Decor

Hello one & all. Thanks for popping by my post. I recently has a company approach me with some big ideas for an upcoming event, however the budget was...not a big! To some, this is when they would turn away the job completely, however I was quite excited by the challenge. In completing the job I decided... these creations are TOO GOOD to not share!

Enjoy some of my latest & greatest and incorporate them in your holiday party decor, decorations at home, or just an upcoming event!

Santa's Naughty & Nice List

Supplies Needed:

-1 Roll of Brown Paper (We had some at our location but it can be found at dollar stores in the craft section or "packing paper" by the moving boxes in walmart)

-1 Permanent Marker (I used black but you can use any color)

-Good handwriting (I used cursive but you could make this look amazing in any script! Neatness is important)

-Boy & Girl Names (This link was SO helpful, it sections off names by letter so you can take it one letter at a time)

Slowly getting there! Once you start the most important thing to remember is to maintain neat writing, and keep the lines as straight as possible. If you happen to mess up spelling a name, DON'T correct it. It is very important to maintain the flow of writing so you might no there was a mistake, but no one can even tell!

As your list gets longer, feel free to add your own personal touch by highlighting significant names in your life on your writing. Maybe use a different color, different or bold font. Make it your own!

Keep going as long as your heart desires for however long you wish your paper to be!

How can you utilize this?

Use it as a runner on your tables! Hang it at the holiday party with coworkers names highlighted! Hang it at home to show your kids they made the list! The options are truly endless!

TOTAL COST: $2.49 (Not including the very necessary.....Starbucks Coffee)

Pinecone Chandelier

Supplies Needed:

-Pine Cones ( I bought 5 bags and ended up with 17 pinecones per wreath)

-Large Green Wreath

-Fishing Line (6 Pound Strength)

-Fake Snow Spray



-Ladder (if needed)

The Key with this one is patience. Lots of it! I attached the wreath to the beam first before attaching the pinecones, because they get tangled very easily. I had sectioned off my total pinecones purchased across the three wreaths I bought (17 per wreath).

It is important to use the twine to attach the wreath to the beam, it won't be invisible like the fishing line, however it will hold much more weight for longer periods of time.

After hanging the wreath I hit the wreath with a little of the spray snow. Shake the bottle first and do a few test sprays to the side to get it started. Apply a light scattered base, and work it up from there.

After this step, being stringing the pinecones. Wrap the fishing line around the base of the pinecone, inside the bottom layer. Once you tie off your loop, check to make sure your tie is secure. Once you complete all of them, begin hanging them on the wreath. As you hang them make sure you are adjusting the levels of them to add dimension to your piece. If you are looking for a ombre effect, try adding pinecones in layers, for example, 10 short ones around the top, 8 slightly longer, and so on.

Once completed, finalize your piece with spray snow. Try to spray pine cones from the top to make it look true to snow fall.

sWiTcH iT uP!

Try incorporating different elements like ornaments, snowflakes, etc, in exchange of pinecones.

TOTAL COST: $27.89 (One Wreath)

Stay tuned for more upcoming DIY Ideas!!

Much Love & Thanks for reading!

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