10 Best Websites for Elopement/Micro Wedding Dresses

With many brides having to postpone their weddings do to COVID-19, the questions I hear from a lot of brides is, "What do I wear if I plan on still getting married on my original date?" Obviously the most important thing in planning your elopement/Micro wedding is making sure it adheres to all CDC & State Guidelines. With times being the way they are, you want to make sure that before you spend money on an additional dress, that the elopement is legal & able to happen. Once you have all that set, then it's on to the fun part, DRESS STOPPING. You are not alone if you find yourself having trouble buying a dress of such importance online, however it is possible!

Tip One!

Remember that small little sewing kit at home? Now is the perfect time to grab that measuring tape & double check sizing from whatever site you choose to order from. With vast shipping delays, it is so important that the dress you order makes it in on time & fits you well!

Tip Two!

DON'T SETTLE. There are SOOO many sites out there to find the perfect dress for you. I know that many of you may be in a time crunch, but it's okay to take a moment to search for the right one for you. Your big wedding might have been postponed for now, but you want the dress to still have the magic of your special day.

Tip Three!

If you are in a money crunch right now, maybe explore the option of using your original dress now rather than having to spend any money on another dress. Many brides say they wish they could wear their wedding dress twice, so if that's an idea you enjoy, there is nothing wrong with exploring that!

Now onto the dresses..

1. Lulus Bridal Dresses


Lulus' is on of my personal favorite online retailers and they recently opened up a store for bridal dresses! They are my top go to when referring my clients for bridesmaid dresses & now they are definitely on the list for bridal too! Their dresses are very good quality for the price, and dresses on the site can go anywhere from $85- $300. There are SO Many on their site! Check them out!

- $298 for this beading dress

ONLY $98 for this beauty!

2. ASOS Bridal Wear


Compared to Lulus above, ASOS is a little on the more expensive side, however the styles of the dresses are perfect if you are looking for something unique. Plus MANY of them are on sale right now! Plus right now they are offering 90 day returns, that way if you buy something & it doesn't work with you, you can have super easy returns!

This dress is SO unqiue & a STEAL for only $113.25.

3. Free People Dresses


Looking for a dress option that offers a super boho casual option. These dresses are so perfect for an elopement beach wedding! Plus they are able to be reworn!

4. Daughters of Simone

Okay, so these dresses are truly NEXT level. If you are still in the search for a dress, these dresses are BEAUTIFUL. Right now they are offering At-home try on's so if you are unsure on a few, check that option out in the link below!




This dress is actually on Sample sale for only $1000! Over 50% off!

Go check out their website! There are so many options!

Check out their amazing At-Home Try on Box!

They also have amazing options for virtual consulting with their dress stylists, and you can do it on Zoom with all your friends & fam! Make an awesome day of it!



They are vast in style and expense, so while some are on the pricier side, there are some hidden gems in there if you are looking to save money!



6. Dreamers & Lovers


Dreamers and Lovers has an amazing collection of gowns for the laid back bride. They are based out of California, but offer at-home try ons! The price point for these gowns is around $1,500, however they have sample gowns on sale right now starting at $500!


7. Nordstrom

The best way to find dresses on sites like these is to look them up by the color, and even look up wedding dress too as many results come up! They also have a lot of unique dresses if you are looking for something different as well!

Check out this super fun cream wedding gown below!

8. The Persnickety Bride


Local to the CT area, this amazing boutique is offering online virtual appointments. Check them out for some great dress options for many price ranges!

Check out their sample sale here!


Check out this amazing gown on sale now!

9. Show Me Your MuMu

Looking for a place to find that perfect casual elopement dress for not a lot of money? Check out this site below!

Think short dresses might be the way you want to go? Check out this style below!

10. David's Bridal


Check out some of their amazing dresses, all listed at 50% off right now!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love & kindness,

Jessica DeWitt

DeWitt Planning

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