Who am I?

Hello there; Thank you for stopping by! My government name is Jessica DeWitt, I go by Jess, but if you say "yes" I'll most likely think that you are saying my name & it's this whole thing, happens all the time to me in the grocery stores, super awkward... ANYWAY, I am the owner & lead creative here at DeWitt Planning! Okay, now that we got the formal stuff out of the way, (thank goodness!) let's get down to the fun stuff. I am a fun, old soul with a soft spot for love and adventure. 

What do you dew?

 I don't like to call myself a wedding planner, but rather an experience planner. My couples dig doing rad things for the sake of love, and I am so hype to be able to be able to join them in the process. Whether it is an elopement, micro-wedding, or a styled photoshoot, I am here to help you make it epic! Want to take the leap into marriage by literally jumping out of a plane? I'll be right here holding the door open in my goggles & parachute

Where dew you dewitt?

Is everywhere but the moon (for now) a good answer? We rest our heads in Salt Lake City, Utah, but we are quite often on the road all around the country! 

Some of our recent destinations:

Anchorage, Alaska - Phoenix, arizona  - los angeles, California - Tucson, Arizona - moab, utah - bryce canyon, utah - Ogden, Utah - Groton, CT - Long Beach Island, NJ - Easton, CT - Portland, Maine - Stowe, Vermont - White Mountains, New Hampshire - Block Island, Rhode Island - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Portland, Maine

Why dew you dewitt?

Did you ever meet someone that was making business cards for their "planning" business at seven years old? If not, well it's nice to meet you! I grew up making printed menus for my family dinners, rather affordable I might add too, I mean 10 cent coffee, who wouldn't love that? Fast forward many many moons to today, and my passion for planning still burns strong to this day. I love getting to be apart of such a special day with my clients, and creating a friendship with them throughout the planning process. I do this because I love what I do, and I want you to be able to love the experience just as much as I do. 

When I am not planning...

I find myself surrounded by family, both fur & human. I enjoy spending time in nature, exploring antique shops, and creating art in my spare time. I love painting landscapes, woodworking, or anything that ends with my hands covered in paint. I am also working on trying to learn to speak Italian. 

What's my experience?

I have worked at many of the leaders in  hospitality in the United States ​including; Ocean House in Rhode Island, Saybrook Point Inn, Water's Edge Resort & Spa, and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Through working at these properties, along with my bachelors degree in event management from Johnson & Wales University, one thing was missing for me... CREATIVITY! I was lacking an outlet for me to express all of these crazy ideas I had, but could not express. In opening DeWitt Planning, I wanted to continually challenge myself, overcome obstacles, and do things that I never even imagined could be possible. Every event, small or large, $1,000 or $100,000, is important to me because I genuinely love what I do. It still amazes me that something I enjoy so much is "work." 

Jessica DeWitt 

Meet the 

Meet The Team

Jessica DeWitt 

Owner & Wearer of Many Hats


Dallin DeWitt

Grayson DeWitt

Director of Lifting Heavy things

Brianna Cluff

Lead Event + Marketing Assistant


Mr. Puzz

Director of Cat Relations & Accounting

people dig us

"Honestly have so much to say about Jess and what she does, but all I can say is thank you. She made my wedding day, she was incredible! she was always there for my questions and concerns, she was down to help with my DIY projects, and day of she was truly amazing I had no stress in the world because I knew that she was working her butt off to make my day the best it could be. If you are on the fence about who to hire for any event, please don't hesitate to email Dewitt Planning & Design Co. amazing work for a truly amazing women behind it all!"

- Morgan (The Knot)

"I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jess on a few educations and literally cannot say enough about her. She is so creative and brought whatever convoluted vision I had to life for a beautiful elopement shoot. She was great at listening to me, coming up with things I had never even thought of, and executing those ideas to perfection. As a photographer I’ve worked with a lot of planners and designers that kind of end up leading the couple in the direction that they want (not the couple) because it’ll be cool for their portfolio or it’s the trendy thing to be doing but Jess actually listens to her clients and makes sure that their personality is reflected in the event and styling of the day, which I so so appreciate. Jess is also an incredibly fun and calming presence to have the day of. Whenever there’s an issue, which there always inevitably is, she takes care of it without the client ever knowing that there was something up in the first place. She takes so much stress away it is so invaluable. Also working with a planner is a long process and she’s just an absolute blast to have on your team throughout it all. When I get married I already know for a fact I’ll have Jess planning it all!"

- Becca Moot Photography (The Knot)